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My name is Chief William Lane, President and CEO of Lane’s Special Security Services LLC. My mission is to provide the best security services to my clients. We pride ourselves on getting the job done to make our clients happy and appreciate our services. We provide highly trained security officers who are licensed to carry a firearm. Furthermore, we provide unarmed security officers as well. Lane’s Special Security Services can provide our clients with great security services. Lane’s Special Security Service recognizes that in order to achieve our mission, we must:


  • Recruit and retain the most qualified security officers in the security field.

  • We provide our officers with continuous training and educational training that fits the client's needs.

  • We monitor and maintain a safe and secure environment for our clients in a sufficient manner.

  • Not only that, but we teach our security officers how to deal with the public in a professional manner by understanding everyone. We teach our security officers de-escalation skills and how to de-escalate situations. Lane Special Security Services takes professionalism very seriously to get the job done. “We teach active shooter training to our security officers, clients, and employees.”

  • We have a rank structure to make sure our security officers are doing their jobs correctly. We have the most qualified and experienced Lieutenant who has a military background, self-defense background, military police background, de-escalating skills, and more—a person you can count on all day and every day to get the job done—Lieutenant G. Jones.


You may wonder, “What can Lane’s Special Security Services offer a client?” How are we different from other security companies?


We prioritize providing our clients with the most affordable rates possible. We provide professional security officers. You will be satisfied with our services. We are a company that is right there for all of your security needs.


Lane’s Special Security Services, LLC, provides the following:


  • Patrol Services (indoor and outdoor)

  • personal protection

  • Surveillance

  • Identification Monitoring

  • Walk-through and handheld magnetometer

  • VIP Transportation

  • Bike Patrol


Apartment Complexes:




  • Health Care Facilities

  • Residential Complexes

  • Corporate and Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

  • Private parties and concerts

  • Escort services

  • Mail Security

  • Roving Patrol


Skills of a Security Officer


We are a 24-hour, 7-day security company.  Our security officers are highly trained.

We take the hiring of security officers very seriously and vetting them very well. Most of our, Security officers are CPR and first aid trained. We screen our security officers for drug testing. Lane’s Special Security Services ensures that our officers have safety training courses and self-defense training. We teach communication skills and how to deal with the public. Lanes Special Security Services staff professional security officers with prior law enforcement and military backgrounds and some security officer and security guard experience. Our Mission will be to protect and serve our clients and the public by every means necessary.


Lane’s Special Security Services wants our clients to have a sense of ease, understanding, trust, communication, and safety.


A Little About the Owner:


               William Lane is the president and CEO of Lane’s Special Security Services, LLC.

William has served in the United States Army and the New Jersey National Guard. I served in the Persian Gulf War in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait. I have retired as a law enforcement officer with over 26 years of service. Likewise, I have been trained in self-defense, special operations, street crime gang training, dignitary protection, high-speed chase training, de-escalation training, and more. William Lane retired as an internal affairs investigator and weapons training officer. William Lane was trained by professional training officers in the state of New Jersey. “Since my retirement, I've always been the owner and operator of a security company.” “It was my motivation as a prior military soldier and a law enforcement officer.” I am a qualified and licensed security company. Lanes Special Security Services is a bonded, insured, and registered company in the state of New Jersey. If Lanes Special Security Services LLC has you as a client, please call the below phone number.


CELL# (609) 503-0862

Office: (856) 203-4133


Office Address: 43 Charleston Road

Willingboro, New Jersey 08046     

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