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Now Hiring Armed Security

We are looking to Hire 4 - Armed Professional Minded Security Officers to work at an Apartment Complex in the City of Trenton, you must be able to interact with the public In a Professional Manner, Lanes Special Security Services.

Will Teach our Officers. Deescalating Skills, Communication Skills, Motivational Skills, Self Defense Skills, Training Skills, Safety Skills, if you are willing to learn as you are Employed this is good for you. You must have a Red SORA License and you must apply for a CCW Permit to Carry a Weapon while working for Lanes Security Services, we will assist you with how to apply for your CCW Permit.

Wants you complete your CCW Training Class you will be Assigned to a Work Site at the Apartment Complex in the City of Trenton, we have 3 - Shifts - Day, Evening, Midnight, 7 - Days a week Monday Thru Sunday.

Show proof of the Weapon you will be carrying, you must have a Driver's License, you must have a Reliable Car, you must have a Reliable Phone Number, we are a Professional Security Company we take what we do very seriously to Protect you your Partner and the Patrons who live in the Apartment.

You must have a Reliable Car, you must always be in Proper Uniform while on duty no Questions Ask, you must report to your Assigned Duty Station on Time at all Times no Question Ask, you must have writing skills to fill out a Legal Logbook, you must have a great working background, you must at all times follow the orders of your supervisors.

If you have Employment somewhere else think twice about applying for Lanes Special Security Services, we do not change our Schedules for anyone.... When you are Assigned to a Scheule that will be your Permanent Shift, when hired you must work at lease 3 - Months Before requesting time off, as a Security Officer you will be held to a Hired Standard as an Armed Security Officer, we take what we do very seriously.

Please report to Lanes Security Services Office in proper attire to fill out an application and have an Interview. Please bring with you a Driver's License, Weapons Card, Red SORA License, if you have any questions please ask at the Interview.

If you are interested, please Contact Chief Lane (609) 503 - 0862 Thank You looking forward to hearing from you.

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