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Meet Our Leaders

Chief Lane

W. Lane

 William Lane is the president and CEO of Lane’s Special Security Services, LLC.

William has served in the United States Army and the New Jersey National Guard. I served in the Persian Gulf War in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait. I have retired as a law enforcement officer with over 26 years of service.

Furthermore, I have been trained in self-defense, special operations, street crime gang training, dignitary protection, high-speed chase training, de-escalation training, and more.

Lt. Jones

G. Jones

Lieutenant G. Jones, a 23-year veteran a farmer military police officer, is known for getting things done.


The person with the most training and experience in de-escalation and self-defense.


Jones has worked for Lane's Special Security Services since June 2020 and is currently providing assistance to people in the community.

Corporal Taylor

S. Taylor

Corporal Taylor completed a three-year de-escalation training program with CCTV and graduated with NJSP honors.

N. Grose

N. Grose
Human Resources

HR Nicole Grose, 3 years. Of service to the business.


Accountable for selecting and executing hiring procedures, 


Talent management, pay and benefits for employees, compliance, and workplace security.

Adheres to the motto “Let's get the job done”

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